Canada, Jasper - Patricia Lake

Wyoming - String Lake

Westport, CT - Long Island Sound

Westport, CT - The Marina

Wyoming - T.A. Moulton Barn

Connecticut, Sprite Island

Italy - Positano

Moonrise - Long Island Sound

Canada - Patricia Lake

Westport, CT - Strait Marina

West Cornwall, CT - Covered Bridge

Westport, CT - Off Compo Beach

Wyoming - Schwabacher's Landing

Kauai - Tunnels Beach

Aspen Grove


Canada - Canmore

Westport, CT - Gray's Creek

Grand Canyon

Connecticut - Sherwood Point

Moorea - Cook's Bay

Italy - Positano

Connecticut - Long Island Sound

Nevada - Toward Grand Canyon

Monument Valley - The Mittens

Cape Cod, MA

Westport, CT - Off Cove Beach

Morant's Curve Along The Bow River

England, Dorset - Durdle Door

Gray Morning

New England Spring

Westport, CT - Gray's Greek

Canada - Herbert Lake

Stairway, Aix-en-Provence

False Solomon's Seal


Italy - Umbria

Banff - Herbert Lake

Canada - Lake Louise

Westport, CT - Off Compo Beach

Westport, CT - Pond

Miami Beach

Gray's Creek

Westport, CT - Long Island Sound

Banff - Baker Creek

Italy - San Gusme'

England - Arne Nature Reserve

England - Lulworth Cove

Canada - Patricia Lake