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Westport, Connecticut - Long Island Sound
Wyoming - John Moulton Barn
Canada, Jasper - Patricia Lake
The Pavilion
Westport, Connecticut - The Marina
West Cornwall Covered Bridge
Moonrise - Long Island Sound
Westport, Connecticut - Long Island Sound
Connecticut - The Morning Catch
New England Spring
Sherwood Point
Westport, CT - The Harbor
Italy - Cinque Terre Coast
Cape Cod, MA
Italy - Manarola
Towards Grand Canyon
Westport, Connecticut - Wetland Sunset
Wyoming - Schwanacher's Landing
Westport, Connecticut - Dawn On The Sound
July 2022 Super Moon
Burying Hill Lagoon
Grand Canyon
Banff - Morant's Curve
Sprite Island
One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill
Wyoming - String Lake
Connecticut - Long Island Sound
Compo Cove Sunrise
Salisbury, CT - Wachocastinook Creek
Cockenoe Island
Banff - Lake Louise
Monument Valley
Sky Fire
Redding Connecticut - Huntington Pond
Westport, Connecticut - Gray's Greek
Canada - Patricia Lake
Westport, CT - Pond
Westport, Connecticut - Off Cove Beach
Lake Constance
Italy - San Gusme'
England - Lulworth Cove
Tidal Pool
View Toward Cockenoe Island
Moorea - Cook's Bay
Westport -  Gray's Creek
Banff - Herbert Lake
Westport, Connecticut - The Harbor
Westport, Connecticut - Off Compo Beach
England - Arne Nature Reserve
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